Vote YES for Prop B because:

"Good officers don't need these protections."

Chief William McManus

SAPD Chief of Police

Vote YES for Proposition B

Early Voting: April 19-27 | Election Day: May 1

Vote YES for Police Accountability

Problematic police officers cannot be allowed to live above the law.

The current Police Union Contract stands in the way of rooting out police misconduct. We must vote yes to repeal Chapter 174 so we can fire bad officers for good. Good police officers and the safety of our community are depending on it.

Chapter 174 gives 70% of fired SAPD officers their jobs back.

Your vote can change that.

*Source Washington Post

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Contracts are Complicated!

Chapter 174 in a nutshell:

If we don't repeal 174, the San Antonio Police Officers Association (Police Union) can continue to re-hire "bad apple" police officers.

Community Voices

1. San Antonio voters agree that we need to reform San Antonio's relationship with its police union.

Community Voices

2. San Antonio voters understand that reforming the police union is not defunding the police.

Community Voices

3. San Antonio voters overwhelmingly support reforms designed to improve citizen oversight over SAPD.

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