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Over the last 10 years, 70% of fired officers have been returned to the force.

Fix SAPD's Mission

Fix SAPD supports community-led policing, which can only happen by clearing out legislation that prevents holding police officers accountable.

Fix SAPD's Mission

Our belief is the policies of future policing should support:

The current Police Union Contract and Chapter 174 stand in the way of rooting out police misconduct. We must repeal Chapter 174 in order to fire bad officers for good. Good police officers and the safety of our community are depending on it!

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Do you agree that accountability is non-negotiable?

Power of 174

1. Allows the police union (SAPOA) contract to override local and state laws that are meant to hold officers accountable for their misconduct.

Power of 174

2. Forces the City to address police reform through a negotiation process with SAPOA, with no guarantee reforms will be agreed upon in a timely manner.

Power of 174

3. Deprives residents of the ability to vote on a new contract, and instead it gives the power to city council members who could be endorsed and funded by SAPOA.

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Repealing Chapter 174 is the first step.

Next comes 143: Chapter 143 sets up disciplinary barriers, Chapter 174 further insulates them from being addressed.

Chapter 143

Law Enforcement Bill of Rights

143 contains a number of provisions that that make it harder to fire bad officers.

To fix 143 we must first repeal 174

143: Arbitration

Arbitration Overrules the Police Chief

[Arbitration] is not a good use of taxpayer money. It’s a burdensome administrative process that interferes with a police chief’s authority to maintain decorum and conduct within his department.

Chief William McManus

Chief of Police | SAPD

Repealing 174 | adopting Meet + Confer

Meet + Confer

Vote YES on Prop B

Less Bad Apples, a Safer Community and Protected Officers.

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