Julián Castro for Prop B

Like you, I have tremendous respect for our men and women of law enforcement.

I also believe that we all deserve accountability when bad officers cross the line.

Here in San Antonio, we don’t have that. Our system of accountability is broken.

In fact, 70% of fired SAPD officers are rehired because our accountability system is so bad, with the worst rehire rate in the nation.

On May 1st, we can change that.

By voting YES for Proposition B, we’re supporting good faith negotiations between police and the community they serve.

By voting YES for Proposition B, we’re choosing to hold officers accountable for misconduct and to build a safer community for everyone.

So join me in voting YES for a safer San Antonio for all of us, and help Fix SAPD’s campaign spread the message for police accountability by contributing today. 

– Julián Castro
Former San Antonio Mayor